14 Helpful Piracy Tools and Resources

14 Helpful Privacy Tools and Resources

In this list, i’ll share with you a helpful privacy tools and resources 1. haveibeenpwnd.com – Verify if you have an account that has been affected by a data breach. 2. duckduckgo.com – A very good search engine alternative for google that doesn’t track you. 3. brave.com – Secure, private, fast browsing and also when you browsing the…

Top 5 Free Software 2019

Top Five Free Software in 2019

I’ll share with you five free software and open-source programs for Windows Linux and Mac let’s dive right in Only Office: https://www.onlyoffice.com/https://personal.onlyoffice.com/ (Online version) if you’ve been looking for an alternative to Microsoft Office you have many choices if you have recommended in the past include Libre Office Free Software. The free office suite from…

List of Marketing Tools

List of Marketing Tools

Here is a big list of marketing tools that I use and I’ve used before if you have any good tool, let a comment Marketing Tools:https://saijogeorge.com/best-marketing-tools/ Website Builders:https://saijogeorge.com/website-builders/ Advertising Case Studies:https://nativeadvertisingworks.com/ Logo Inspiration:https://saijogeorge.com/brand-style-guide-examples/# Latest SEO News Newsletter:https://tldrmarketing.com/ List of lists:https://allthefreestock.com Standout as a Candidate in Startup jobs:https://allthefreestock.com FREE Time Tracking:https://agiliumtracker.com Find Suppliers:https://www.matchboard.com.au YouTube Contect &…

Clothespin 1

[PPT] Animated Clothes Pin Notes

Animated Clothes Pin Notes Making infographics isn’t just about creating sequential illustrations. You need to come up with imagery that can stand out and attract your audience. The Animated Clothespin Notes PowerPoint Template gives infographic slides which can help create attractive slides with illustrations of sequential content in the form of infographics.